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back on my b.s.

Humulus is like potato chips, I guess

Last November, I finished up a Humulus sweater. The result was ... fine. But it wasn't what I'd envisioned, dang it. Rather than live with minor disappointment (and because the sweater was purloined by the Elder Teen once I mentioned that I'd likely not wear it), I made myself one two sizes larger.


Yes, yes. I finished it just in time for summer, which is how most of my sweater knitting ends. But that's fine, really. I know winter will be around again -- and that Scott and I are on our way to Iceland in July, where the summer temps warrant some wooly goodness* in your suitcase just in case.

* Wooly Goodness would be a great drag name, imho.


I'm so glad you're visiting Iceland! We're still here, enjoying our ninth trip, and we'll be back next June so that I can teach an indigo fermentation-vat workshop at a friends textile studio.

I hope you have a truly wonderful trip, purchase too much yarn, and that you'll let me know if you have any questions.

If you're driving, I advice to read through the driving rules and familiarize yourself with the signs, particularly those for one-lane tunnels, roads, and bridges.

And most of all, the sign for point of interest. There's almost always a treasure at the end.

What a lovely sweater! Congratulations! I’ve heard that one can buy yarn virtually everywhere in Iceland, even in supermarkets and gas stations. No idea if that’s true or not, but I practically salivate thinking of such riches.

It looks like you may have altered the pattern to raise the neckline. (That’s been part of my hesitation with Humulus.) Would you mind sharing your technique?

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