my beloved gray sweater

What will follow is a looooong discussion about a knitting project I'm pondering. If that doesn't fry your chalupa, let me distract you with a picture of Barney, who is exhibiting more Mooch-like tendencies each and every day:


Why, yes, that is the fishtank in Maddy's room. Barney has discovered that there is a fish in it that swims about in the most mocking way and that it needs to be stopped. I put the maraca on top as an early warning system. You can see how well that's working. And, no, Barney has no fear of water. One of his favorite activities is to fling pieces of cat food into his water dish, then submerge the entire upper half of his body in order to fetch it.


As you can see, tho, he's starting to fit right in.

Also before the project, a finished Artscarf:


Extreme close up:


Right. On to my gray sweater, which I love beyond all reason because its sleeves are the perfect length for my freakishly long arms and its body is the perfect shape for my squat but busty torso. The drape is excellent. It is 100 percent wool but light enough to wear indoors over a shirt. It isn't scratchy in the least. The color is a nice, heathery gray that isn't too severe but is just bland enough. The price, too, was perfect -- only $40ish when I bought it a few years ago at Kohls.

My beloved is dying a death of a thousand papercuts. I am sad.


These little snags are all over my dream sweater and there are more of them than I could ever hope to mend. It's not terminal yet. But it is heading toward sweater hospice.


I am torn. Should I just give in and enjoy our last days together? Should I keep my eyes out for a replacement? Or should I just try to knit one, since this one is still alive enough to use as a pattern?

You can see which way I lean.

Problem #1 is the yarn. This baby is knit at 11 (!) stitches to the inch. No matter how strong my will is, I don't think I could knit stockinette stitch in a dark gray yarn at 11 (!) stitches to the inch without taking a hostage.

Besides, I don't know that I can find yarn that thin commercially available. I did find this, however.


Swatching will commence. I welcome your advice.