it's alive

 This is what I looked at most of yesterday afternoon.


As a result, I think I have a podcast version of the first wee bit of the book ready to go. The first installment is here.

I decided to start small, simply because it's easier to correct errors in a shorter podcast than a big one. My knowledge of the technology is still a little shaky. I'm no longer in the hitting-it-with-a-stick territory but am not yet to the my-touch-is-swift-subtle-and-magical state.

Eventually, once the whole book is recorded, I'll stitch all of the podcasts together to make one dowloadable file. It's good to have dreams.

For the forseeable future, expect podcasts once a week or so. I'll also be adding in audio footnotes and answering questions. Think of it as the Sweater Quest Director's Cut.

Please, please, comment on any problems. Don't be shy.