shameless self-promotion, 37 in a series

This may be a shocker: I can, indeed, write about something other than running. In this case, that "something" is space pirates (and others) over at The Austin Chronicle, a paper of my former employ.*

Also: if you've ever wondered what I sound like (and don't already get to hear my dulcet tones on a daily basis), SBS and I had the chance to talk to Tom Foreman, CNN reporter and writer of My Year of Running Dangerously. He is, as you might imagine, a hoot.


* sort of. 

shameless self-promotion, part 447 in a series

Fresh column at Another Mother Runner, in which I run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.



Because I am not getting any younger, I decided now was the best time to run the only marathon I've ever wanted to run.* In order to make that happen (apart from all of the running, training, and ice baths, naturally), I'm running under the umbrella of Every Mother Counts, a charity that is dear to me. Did you know that every single day, globally, 800 women die in childbirth. Did you also know that 98 percent of these deaths could have been prevented pretty easily with decent care? Yeah. Me, either. Prompt medical care certainly saved me with baby #1. I can only imagine what would have happened had I not been privileged to live in a developed country. 

Please help me help all of those women who are becoming mothers under different circumstances by donating here

* Just think of all of the columns about training for a marathon that your donation will fund!

shameless self promotion: part 347 in a series

I'm still struggling to recover from the race this weekend. On the upswing, mind you, and will be greatly helped out by the three-day weekend we're about to enjoy. And, yet, my body and brain keep giving up on the day far earlier than I might hope. Or maybe that's a result of the onset of Fall. Or both, come to think of it.

Regardless, I did manage to write about the Wineglass Half Marathon over at Another Mother Runner....